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Campaign Documents

Campaign Objectives

The IED has become a very effective weapon for those who advance their cause through terror and violence. If you exclude Iraq and Afghanistan, there are on average, three IED incidents each day in the remainder of the world. In 2010 these IEDs killed and wounded 7747 civilians. This amounts to a global epidemic of IED use. Military-focused solutions to this problem have not been and likely will not be successful. A global more wholistic approach is required.

The Campaign's objective is to reduce the use of IEDs at a global level by (1) neutralizing local IED networks and (2) preventing new, effective IED networks from forming. Our approach consists of three core elements...


Global Campaign against IEDs: Overview

During 2010, in Iraq and Afghanistan, there were 233 improvised explosive device (IED) incidents per month. There were an additional 89 incidents, or almost three incidents per day, in the rest of the world. The IED is becoming the weapon of choice for those advancing their objectives through terror and violence. Exclusively military solutions to the IED problem have not and will not be successful. We propose an alternative approach combining the rule-of-law; fact-based information campaigns; and locally led sustainable development initiatives. Country-specific applications of our approach will lay the foundation for a Global Campaign against IEDs.


IEDs A Global Problem: Fact Sheet

According to National Counterterrorism Center’s Worldwide Incident Tracking Systems (WITS) there will be, on average, 119 IED incidents each month in 2011—not counting Iraq and Afghanistan. This is more than double the 53 IED incidents each month five years previously in 2006.


Global Campaign against IEDs: Technology Enablers

We envision two technology-based enablers that will contribute to the Global Campaign against IEDs.


Global Campaign against IEDs: Nigeria Pilot

Partners International Foundation has released its Initial assessment report on the proliferation of Improvised explosive Devices (IEDs) in Nigeria. Originally completed in September 2010, the report warned of a new round of violence and bombing that eventually began with four simultaneous IEDs detonated in Abuja on October 1, 2010.


The Campaign Logo

With assistance from The Graffiti of War Project, one of our Global Campaign partners, Michael Figueroa, a combat veteran in their program designed the logo for the Global Campaign against IEDs.


Global Campaign against IEDs: White Paper

The death of a foreign soldier in an improvised blast often makes headlines, but we have failed to communicate to armed opposition groups and their foreign supporters that IEDs kill and maim hundreds of innocent people and this is a clear violation of all war laws.

Ajmal Samadi, Director, Afghanistan Rights Monitor (ARM)